The Wish

On June 20th, 1961, a wish was granted. George B. Dedrick left one million dollars of his estate to establish The Geneseo Foundation. His hope was that others would contribute funds to benefit the community of Geneseo and surrounding area in Illinois.

Mr. Dedrick believed that by reaching out to those in need, and by supporting the search for knowledge, The Geneseo Foundation could have a positive impact on the lives of citizens in Geneseo and the surrounding areas.

The wish would allow Geneseo to become an enlightened community; one that was genuinely concerned about the less fortunate. In the process, Geneseo would become a better place to live, work, and grow.

The Purpose

The Geneseo Foundation is based on very simple principles:

  • For assisting charitable, benevolent, civic or educational institutions, whether support is in whole or in part, by private donations or by taxation.
  • For the care of the sick, aged, handicapped, orphaned and helpless, and the care of needy men, women, and children.
  • For promoting scientific or medical research for the advancement of human knowledge and the alleviation of human suffering, or the suffering of animals.
  • For such other civic or charitable purposes as the Board of Managers of The Geneseo Foundation may select from time to time, after determining that such purposes are within its province.

By establishing these principles, Mr. Dedrick was able to assure growth and vitality for future generations.