Board of Managers

At the direction of Mr. George Dedrick, the Geneseo Foundation Board of Managers is comprised of the members of the Board of Directors of Central Bank, Inc. We extend our appreciation to these managers, who have continued caring for Mr. Dedrick’s gift to the community since 1961.

Current Board Members

Current Board Members

Pictured Seated L to R:
Dr. Michael L. Gernant, John T. Greenwood, and Rick R. Clary
Standing L to R:
Brandon T. Sieben, Jeffrey Lang, John J. DuBois, President & CEO, Dr. Bruce R. Fehlman, Chairman of the Board, Brett M. Lohman, and Eric N. Johnson

Past Board Members

A.T. Polson
Donald R. Obrecht
Darwin R. Knudtson
Lyman Kemmis
Richard Bayless
Edwin C. Briggs
Ira L. Sieben
John L. Greenwood
Raymond E. Johnson
Lorren E. Obrecht
Robert E. Schaefer
Wilfred Hinde
Eugene C. Lohman
Gilbert J. Pritchard
Arthur G. Sieben
A. Dean Decker
Maurice Gernant
Charles Blankenfeld
Mark E. Lohman
Kenneth Hutchinson
Arthur E. Fehlman
Leroy Lohman
Eldon Yager
Dean Urick
Alan C. Anderson
Arthur S. Carlson
Gerald R. Payne
Roger M. Pray
Todd Sieben
Bryce Chamberlain