Scholarship Opportunities

The Geneseo Foundation Board of Managers believes strongly in the continued education process and through the many scholarships available, students are given an opportunity to further their education.

All graduating seniors of Geneseo High School (GHS) who are selected to the National Honor Society or National Vocational Technical Honor Society, and plan to continue their education, are recognized with a Geneseo Foundation scholarship. The Foundation separately recognizes four GHS students annually with four-year tuition awards.

Several Friends of the Foundation have chosen to honor a loved one through the gift of a scholarship. In addition to the previously mentioned scholarships, awards are given from the Ralph and Dorothy Graham Memorial Scholarship, the Wilbert and Carol Keppy Memorial Scholarship, the Lyle and Helen Henry Scholarship, the Paul A. Peterson Memorial Scholarship, the Brad Schoon Memorial Scholarship, the Christopher Pobanz Memorial Scholarship, and the Barbara Swanson Scholarship.

If you are considering the Geneseo Foundation as an avenue to recognize the educational achievements and financial need of students, please contact the Central Bank Illinois Trust Division at 309-944-5608.