Living Gift Donor Reaps Reward

What began as a Living Gift has come full circle and is now being repaid to the giver, Helen Henry. In 2007 Glenda Carius received the Lyle and Helen Henry Scholarship upon her graduation from Geneseo High School. With a goal of becoming a nurse, Glenda knew that college would be costly, and as a self proclaimed "average student" with a good GPA she knew it would be more difficult.

When Glenda learned of the Henry's scholarship and that is required writing an essay, she knew this was an opportunity to show more than her GPA. Mrs. Henry began the scholarship as a means to help young people achieve their goals. It is a scholarship designated for students who have the ability to succeed, given the financial opportunity. "It is to give them a boost in their education," Helen states. Naturally upon reading Glenda's essay, Helen knew she was a worthy recipient. Glenda added, "You don't think about the cost of college until you receive your first invoice. It was then I realized what a huge gift the Henry's scholarship was. It was a weight off my shoulders and gave me an opportunity I wouldn't otherwise have had. It confirmed that if we look hard enough, the opportunity to go to college is available." After receiving the Lyle and Helen Henry Scholarship in 2007, Glenda visited Helen in her home to thank her for the gift. Glenda remembers, "She was in her kitchen baking."

Glenda attended Black Hawk College her first year and then enrolled in the Trinity Nursing Program. She will graduate from Trinity in 2010 and is considering entering pharmaceutical sales where she can use her love of nursing and strong business sense, or she may continue on and receive her bachelor degree in Nursing.

As well as being a full time nursing student, Glenda works part time at Hillcrest Nursing Home as an Activities Assistant. In addition to her love of nursing, she is an avid seamstress making many of her own clothes. Glenda feels she can relate to the residents of Hillcrest Home because many of them sewed their own clothes throughout their lifetime.

Upon learning Helen was a resident, she stated, "It was difficult to see her at Hillcrest, to go from baking in her kitchen to nursing home care. However, it was great to be able to visit with and give back to Helen. You don't often have the opportunity to do that in life." Helen was tickled when she learned Glenda was an Activities Assistant at Hillcrest. She stated with a big smile, "I was happy to see my gift at work."

Helen selected the Geneseo Foundation as a vessel to give back to the community dearly loved by herself and late husband, Lyle. If you are interested in establishing a Living Gift or a memorial scholarship fund through the Foundation, please contact the Central Bank Trust Division at 309-944-5608.